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The Best Village Ever.

...That's the villages' name...

The Best Village Ever, Made Of Cardboard And Insan
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Welcome to the absolute BEST village EVER. It is made completely of cardboard and resting on Holly's front lawn in Virginia.

The Princesses Of The Village Include:

This village is very select on who it's members are...in other words you must be approved by us princesses b/c we said so! The cardboard village, was originally quite shabby but has gotten to be FAR more elaborate. We now have such luxaries as cable, internet, fountains that spray soda, constant munchies, and umbrellas protecting our villas from rain! We even have our own native species, The Bertie Rabbit. Our mascot is THE sexy hot dog. We are visted many times by our good friends, MCR, The Used, and The Darkness...we date the members and STFU if you don't believe me.

Um...we also use our box to sacrafice things/ppl to our god, Amy Lee...so if you have a problem with that...um sorry?

Well, that is all the information I will dispatch for now...if you feel you are worthy of boxdome, then feel free to attempt...the princesses will decide for sure! Muhaha!

Our Mascot, The sexy hot dog. This big statue stands at the opening of our village!

Our resident species, the Bertie Rabbit.